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The greatest thing in this world is...not so much as where we are but rather in which direction we are moving.

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Qualification: ENGINEER
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  Education is not only a means to enrich the intellect,but a powerful tool
 for shaping and strengthening the fundamental traits of "charecter" of
 an individual, so as to make him a responsible and relevant memeber of
 the society.  And when I say  "charecter"  I  mean  the sum total of a 
 person's  values, beliefs and  personality. Intellect  without  proper
 rainforcement  with values is a menace to the  humanity and   socially 
 divasting.In this light,it is relevant to define educational institution,
 as  place  where the  future of  nations is  shaped and  the destiny of
 humanity is designed  through  illuminatig and purifying the conscience 
 of every student, who inturn forms the foundation of a peaceful   and 
 progressive social  order.
We belong to a generation that boasts of on itself for sacalling new heights of intellectual and technological progress every moment, but resort to widespread vioilence ,intolerance,bloodhed,terror tricks and rift, that in effact disintegrate and destabillise the order of nature that supports the human existance.
Its a high time.therefore,to re.evaluate ourresolve and to set our goal